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With a little bit of creativity, even the simplest ideas can bring impressive results. Find out how you can update your kitchen without changing its footprint.

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Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas, NV | Small Changes with Big Results

Kitchen remodeling in Las Vegas, Nevada, is fun and exciting. It is an exciting and effective way to transform your cramped, outdated, and dull kitchen into one that is comfortable and full of life. Still, some homeowners are hesitant to take on such a project.

There are a lot of homeowners like you who badly want to enhance the look and function of their kitchens. But despite having strong desires to do so, some of them decide to put off their ideas. Their reasons vary, but perhaps two of the most common ones are the following:

  • The lack of resources (time and money)
  • Being a renter

Below are a few minor changes you can make to create significant results:

Install new lighting fixtures.

If you ask design professionals for tips on instantly making a space look fresh and new, installing new lighting fixtures would also be on the list. Not only does this make your kitchen look brighter, but it also improves its functionality.

To know where you should install new lighting, determine the areas where you do most of your work in the kitchen. It could be under your cabinets, over the sink, or on your countertops. Choose peel and stick LED lights or battery-operated puck lights to save on costs and avoid worrying about wires.

Add rugs or mats.

Cover up outdated kitchen flooring with rugs. Though this could mean having more areas to regularly vacuum, this is a small price to pay for the many benefits it provides. You brighten up the room and add more character by adding decorative rugs. You also create a focal point that distracts you from seeing elements you do not like in your kitchen. Lastly, rugs make working in the kitchen more comfortable for you since these provide a soft underfoot feel.

Choose rugs that complement other elements in your kitchen, such as the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, etc. Be careful with choosing your rug’s material. Since the kitchen is considered a wet room, opt for rugs made of materials that do not absorb spills or can be easily thrown in the washing machine. Examples are rugs made of polypropylene, jute, or sisal.

Update your cabinets and drawers.

You can update your cabinets and drawers by replacing their hardware or knobs. You can even remove some cabinet doors to create an open shelving unit. This is a feature commonly seen in newer and more contemporary kitchens. It is also an effective way of making a small kitchen seem more spacious.

You can display some of your favorite kitchen supplies, ornaments, or potted plants by removing your cabinet doors. However, this solution requires you to be extra diligent in keeping your kitchen tidy and organized.

Install a temporary backsplash.

Transform your plain walls within minutes by installing a removable backsplash. These are available in various attractive designs and made using various materials. Some popular varieties are water-resistant vinyl, hardened silica gel, and mother-of-pearl.

One of the best things about a removable or peel-and-stick backsplash is that you can change it as often as you like. This is because they are affordable and readily available in three forms. These are tiles, panels, or rolls which can be easily cut to shape and size.

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