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Kitchen Remodel Costs
Las Vegas

Kitchen Remodel Costs Las Vegas

The Top 2 Kitchen Remodel Cost Factors 

The main two factors that impact kitchen remodeling prices Las Vegas are budget and scope. Sit down and go through your budget to plan how much you have to spend on a remodel. Remember that you don’t have to remodel the kitchen entirely! If your counters are worn, a Kitchen Remodel cost Las Vegas Nevada can just replace the counters. If the floor needs to be redone, we can do just that.

After you’ve assessed your budget, you can decide the scope of your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs Las Vegas

Basic kitchen renovation

 Upper-range kitchen renovation

 Deluxe kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel Las Vegas
ultimately, the more the scope of your renovation project, the more your budget will need to be. A deluxe kitchen model can cost 25% of the price of your house.

4 Kitchen Renovation Elements to Consider and Their Costs

The following items should be considered as part of a remodeling project.

Countertops – Countertops come in a wide selection of materials. Tile is likely to be the least expensive choice, while concrete is the top of the cost line. (Concrete counter tops, of course, also last longer, so their durability needs to be factored in as well.) In the midrange, laminate, soapstone, quartz, and butcher block. Marble is slightly more expensive than these options, but less per square foot than concrete.

Cabinets – Your first choice in cabinets is whether you want custom cabinets or standard. Custom cabinets may cost a bit more than your standard cabinets. Overall, cabinets are one of the more expensive kitchen remodeling cost las vegas

Appliances – Should your Kitchen Remodeling prices Las Vegas NV include a new refrigerator? New dishwasher? New range? If your family is growing (or you are downsizing), you might need a different size refrigerator or dishwasher. Benefiting from the energy savings offered by EnergyStar® appliances is a good idea, as the energy savings will save you money going forward.

Flooring – Tile and wood flooring are both options. Tile is less expensive; wood flooring is on the most expensive end of the scale. Other options are Vinyl, bamboo, travertine, and limestone.

Plumbing, electrical wiring, gas lines – Changes or upgrades to the systems of your home, whether of plumbing, electrical wiring, or gas lines, is part of a deluxe remodel.

Additional Costs to Consider- Remember that square footage will impact the price for counter tops and flooring.

Labor is also a significant cost to factor into your remodeling plans. Custom cabinetry, for example, is more expensive partly because of the labor costs involved.

Because the cost of a Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas NV can vary depending on how many features we are adding and we suggest working with a licensed Las Vegas remodeling contractor.

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